International Women's Day 💕

Who created International Women's Day?

In fact, the idea of establishing a day dedicated to women's rights was
launched for the first time in 1910, at a meeting of the International
Women's Socialist in Copenhagen, on the proposal of Clara Zetkin,
German teacher, journalist and politician. This proposal fits
then from a revolutionary perspective and its main objective is
obtaining the right to vote. The conference which brings together activists from 17
country adopts the principle, but no specific date is set for the event.
The date is first of all not fixed, and it is only from 1917, with the strike
workers of Saint Petersburg, that the tradition of March 8 is taking place.
After 1945, International Women's Day became a tradition in the
whole world

Why March 8?

It will take seven years for the "tradition" to take hold. March 8
1917, striking women and textile workers organize a march in
Petrograd (Saint-Petersburg), the Russian capital at the time, to claim
bread, protest against rising prices of basic necessities and
demand the return of their husbands mobilized for the war against Germany.
This movement will initiate the Bolshevik revolution. Textiles, the strike
spreads rapidly and spontaneously to the entire Petrograd proletariat, and
Lenin took power in November of the same year following a coup
of state. Four years later, on March 8, 1921, he decreed this day - Day
Women's International - . It will be regularly celebrated in all countries

To do what ?

March 8 is made to inform, challenge, raise awareness on inequalities,
violence and discrimination that too many women still experience
Today. It also serves to highlight the different forms of struggle
aimed at reducing these disparities.



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