Learn all about maintenance, leaks, and things NEVER to do!

Take care of your period panties Amadame

First of all, when you receive your new period panties, we recommend that you wash them before use.

Then after each use, rinse your menstrual panties with water very cold and then wash them at a gentle and cold cycle (max 40°C).

Finally, let it air dry (don't put them in the dryer, as they may shrink and clog the fibers of the fabric, so to speak, preventing proper wicking and drying.)

With these steps, you will ensure that your period panties are hygienic and safe for your private parts.

And because your period panties might have blood stains even after rinsing, it's important to know how to remove them. For this, it's very simple, take an ice cube. Ice cubes are great when it comes to removing blood stains. Simply use the edge of the cube and gently rub the stained area, then put your period panties in the cold cycle machine. The result ? Panties without blood.

Treat your period panties as you would treat a delicacy and in this way they will have a long and happy life.

Menstrual panties Amadame shouldn't NEVER :

  • be cleanedIt iss with aggressive detergents (these abrade and break down clothes, shortening their effectiveness and lifespan)
  • be cleanedis with fabric softeners (it's like tissue cholesterol that blocks the pathways in the tissue through which fluid moves)
  • be bleachedis (bleach kills everything, need we say more ?!)
  • be cleanedis dried up (carry out cleaning without water, but with a mixture of solventss is not effective for your period panties)
  • be washedis in hot water (heat breaks down fibers and compoundsants natural that make our period panties so effective.)

What could cause a leak ?

It is very rare that our menstrual panties leak, but because the risk 0 does not exist, we give you some advice.

Our period panties are plastic free which allows them to be breathable and hygienic, so there is no plastic film to block liquids and bacteria.

Without plastic wraps, you won't risk bacteria buildup and you'll never feel like you're wearing a diaper and because we don't use plastic wraps, our products help you be healthier.

Here are the two reasons why you might to have some wasites :

  • Saturation : nous know all those moments of sudden and unexpected burst as Out of nowhere. Generally, in these moments, you can control the situation immediately or in a periods of time very short. Otherwise, cthis could cause a leak. Just like you would change a tampon, pad, etc. Ihen you bleed profusely, you would like change your menstrual panties sand them were becoming saturated.
Small example: imagine a sponge. She is made for absorbsr the amount ofwater needed to clean your surfaces. However, when the sponge contains too water, She is not anymore effective, car the liquid has nowhere to go and therefore, she go then overflow SO to flow. It is exactly the even principle that with facing menstrual panties.
  • Pressure : awith or without abundant flow, the pressure may cause a leak. The more you sitIt is a long time and apply pressure on your asstyou menstrual, the more likely it is that the cheeky will not be effective for a very long time, car ton blood may protrude from the sides. SO if you are sitting all day, hesitate not to take a cheeky spare in your waterproof pouch Amadame And to you changer regularly.


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