Mix and Match

Welcome to Amadame!

Welcome to the magical world of Anaïs, a designer with a vibrant heart who has decided to take things to the next level in an elegant way.

Faced with the monotony of impersonal hygiene products, Anaïs was determined to find an alternative that combined efficiency and elegance.

This is how Amadame was born, more than just a brand - an adventure, an exuberant energy that dances with the female universe in a whole new way. Anaïs, armed with her creativity and goodwill, has put together an answer for all women looking for a refined approach to menstrual management.

Amadame menstrual panties are not just underwear, they are acrobats of comfort, ecology and with a touch of madness that makes them unique every time.

Because Anaïs is like many of us - women who are determined to raise the standards. Her vision goes far beyond underwear design; she embodies an invitation to celebrate femininity with dignity, even on those days of the month.

When you choose Amadame, you join a community of women who refuse to compromise between elegance and functionality. It is more than just the choice of a product; it is the commitment to a vision that emphasises the diversity and elegance of women. Each monthly panty thus becomes a masterpiece, a refined celebration of what makes each woman unique.

Let's write the story of an elegant menstrual revolution together, where comfort, eco-friendliness and a touch of elegance redefine the norms and celebrate the uniqueness of every woman. Welcome to the distinguished world of Amadame, where even the pants embody a unique sophistication, one pants at a time.🌸✨