AMADAME menstrual panties, what you need to know!

What is the principle of menstrual panties ?
Menstrual panties Amadame are underwear washable and reusable which have an absorbent and impermeable zone to absorb the menstrual flow. It's an alternative ecological and sustainable pads, tampons and other sanitary protection.
The benefits of your period panties Amadame
In addition to being respectful of your health, your menstrual panties Amadame also allows you to save money. Yes, you read correctly! On average, the budget for sanitary protection over a period of one year is 60 euros about 58 CHF knowing that on average, you menstruate for about 38 years.
If we take into account the fact that the lifespan of period panties Amadame is included between 4 and 6 years old, it quickly becomes more economical and much simpler, we grant you that.
It is true that all these advantages are quite interesting, but is it really effective? Yes, depending on your flow, you can keep your period panties on until 8 hours, compared to 3 to 4 hours for conventional protection (tampons, pads, panty liners, etc.).
We advise you to have several models, so that they can accompany you on a daily basis. When it comes to worries about leaks, don't panic, our Bahia briefs and our Charlie shorties are suitable for all flows.
Moreover, the BAHIA menstrual panties being detachable, you can change at any time of the day. And thanks to our waterproof pouch, you can keep your used menstrual panties and put on a clean one. We recommend that you promote the shorty menstrual CHARLIE for moments at home or during your nights and the thong menstrual DEMBA for the end of the rules.
What size should you choose for your period panties?
At first, we advise you to take the same size as your daily lingerie. But now, all models are not shaped the same way! If you hesitate between 2 sizes, it is best to choose the larger of the two. Indeed, during the menstrual period comfort is more than necessary and you will be much more comfortable to face your period. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is still best to take your measurements and look carefully at the different sizes offered.
Finally, you can also contact our customer service in the section “ contact us in the drop-down menu.

Amadame take good care of yourself.

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