AMADAME menstrual panties, what you need to know!

Amadame menstrual panties are washable and reusable underwear that have an absorbent and waterproof zone to absorb the menstrual flow. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to pads, tampons and other sanitary protection.


Welcome to Amadame!

Do you know Marie and Anaïs?

Two young women met on social networks before deciding to combine their energies to create Amadame: a young, trendy brand offering super cool menstrual lingerie!

Yes, it is!

It's likely that the God who presides over the destinies of digital encounters was there, carefully putting in place all the elements needed for Anaïs and Marie to resonate with each other!

The two women shared a common goal: to break certain social taboos, particularly in the area of femininity...

Tired and frustrated by the impersonal hygienic products sold in supermarkets, they wanted to offer an effective alternative that was truly respectful of women.

Moving towards a gentle feminine revolution...

Anaïs, with her unfailing determination, and Marie, with her renowned creativity and kindness, came up with a customised response: Amadame.

More than a brand, it is above all an energy that revolves around the feminine universe...

These menstrual pants combine comfort and ecology, without forgetting to add that little spark of madness that makes each product unique.

For all women looking for a fun alternative to menstruation, Amadame is the answer.

Because Marie and Anaïs are just like you...❣️